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What Is Online Marketing and Why You Should Do It?

Online Marketing

What Is Online Marketing?

It is currently 2018 and as you may know, the most efficient way to grow and scale any business today is through the use of online marketing.  But not just any old Facebook ad or email marketing campaign, you need a complete online marketing strategy that is proven to get results.  This article will show you what I have learned through my years of doing online marketing and I will also give you a few examples of some people who are doing it right and some things that you should avoid in order to be successful.  Digital Marketing is essentially marketing to potential customers online and it is so effective today because that is where a lot(if not most) of your potential clients will be nowadays.


Why Should You Be Doing Online Marketing?

Like I said before most of your clients and potential customers are online now multiple times throughout the day so that means that traditional marketing methods are no longer as effective as the new modern ways that are continuously developing.  If you run a business in 2018 and don’t have an online marketing strategy or at least aren’t in the process of developing on then you are making a tremendous mistake and I can promise you and your business will -pay for it.  Online Marketing is still fairly new so that means that even though there is a lot of competition;  they actually aren’t that good so if you take some time to study and learn the basics of online marketing (or hire somebody who does) then you can have huge success in the digital realm of marketing.


The Different Types Of Online Marketing – Where To Start?

Now that you are sold on online marketing, the benefits of it and why it is an absolute must that you need to be implementing to your business we can start talking about the different types of online marketing and where you should start.  If you’re just starting to learn digital marketing then it can be a little overwhelming like anything you learn once you see how much there is to know and how endless the possibilities can be but let me assure you that it doesn’t have to be so complicated as long as your focus on the most important thing and disregard the fluff.  There are many areas of digital marketing that you can focus on but  there are some that are more foundational than others and should be focused on

How Can You Start Doing Internet Marketing Efficiently

There are a few different efficient ways you can start internet marketing efficiently.  I will go over a few different ways that I am familiar with and that have worked for me and some of my friends but I recommend that you take action, try them out for yourself and see what works best!

  1. You can learn yourself – I would recommend looking at someone like Backlinko if you want to learn SEO, for example, check out https://backlinko.com/
  2. You can hire a marketing agency – If you’re located in Toronto I would recommend checking out an agency like Utopian Marketing https://www.utopianmarketing.com/
  3. Finally, you can just not do ANY digital marketing but I DEFINITELY don’t recommend that! (lol)

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What’s The Future Of Digital Marketing?

Online Marketing Now In 2018

Online marketing is currently the biggest and most important form of marketing but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t focus on other forms of marketing.

In 2018 it is very important to diversify your marketing strategy and cover all areas whether you do it all yourself or hire a professional digital marketing agency!

When it comes to SEO in 2018 it comes down to three main ranking factors:

  1. User Experience
  2. User Intent
  3. Domain Authority

As Google’s algorithms change though they will start to favor user experience over everything!


As you can see from reading this article, digital marketing is very important and especially in 2018 and for the future!  If you are not implementing it into your business right now that I encourage you to start ASAP.  Also if you would like to learn more about online marketing and stay up to date on the latest trends and see what’ Next then subscribe to Alefnext’s Newsletter.