Video: Leading a Birthright Trip-The Itinerary

Yoni Sarason, Midwest Regional Director at NEXT describes how to best prepare for your Birthright trip and best utilizing your itinerary.

Image by upyernoz, licensed under Creative Commons.


  1. noah probert says:

    I want to thank everyone from Amazing Israel for having a trip last June for physically challenged young adults. It was an unbelievable experience not only being in Israel my homeland as a Jew but making new friends. My group leaders, medic, soldiers who came along, and of course Routes Travel- Amazing Israel were really amazing people who taught me and the others that we are people who should be treated like everyone else. I noticed in Israel how nobody stared at a wheelchair or a cane- amazing how society works. I want to again thank everyone from BIRTHRIGHT for giving me and my companion (my m0m) the experience of a lifetime. Hopefully I will be back in Israel for more then 10 days. Shalom! Peace! Noah Probert

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