Video: Shabbat Blessings

If you’re not familiar with the Moishe House Rocks series, you should be.  NEXT teamed up with the brains behind Moishe House and G-DCast to create several animated shorts that make certain elements of Jewish ritual more accessible to a wide audience.

The first video is a how-to on Shabbat Blessings said at home.

Hosting a Sustainable Shabbat Dinner

Sustainable Shabbat DinnerThis guide, produced in partnership with Hazon covers everything from setting a kavanah (intention behind the sustainable Shabbat dinner) to preparing, hosting, and learning together at the meal.  This is a great tool for more environmentally-minded and eco-friendly participants who are looking for ways to incorporate their values into Jewish celebration.


Download the guide here.


Passover Haggadot

Did you know that the Maxwell House Haggadah is the most widely-used haggadah in the U.S.? Since 1934, over 40 million copies have been printed and distributed around the world. Now, nearly 80 years later, there are just as many varieties of haggadot as there are blends of coffee.

Help your participants personalize their Seders by finding a haggadah that matches their vision and values. Below, we’ve collected a variety of options to choose from (some of which are free!) 

Many of the titles listed below can be found on your local book store or and range from $5-$15 each.

Image by Brownpau, licensed under Creative Commons.

Jewish Women On the Map

There has been no guide to physical landmarks in Jewish women’s history – until now.
Jewish Women’s Archive puts women on the map.

Click on the map to be taken to

JWA – Judith – Part of the Hanukkah Story

In this video, Leah of the Jewish Women’s Archive discusses the Judith story and its connection to Hanukkah. All images used in the video are in the public domain. Music is by Kevin Macleod,